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18 November 2008 @ 12:34 am
The Master Fic List -- Harry Potter  
The Master Fic List, Harry Potter Entry

Harry Potter

Works in Progress

Discovering Lily
A very pregnant Ginny begins having strange dreams, and a murderer is on the loose. Work in Progress.


Marauder Era Fics

With All My Love
Seventh year starts off with a bang for Lily, James and the Marauders. Voldemort is rising to power, Remus is in danger, and Lily and James are falling in love... Can they face Voldemort and live? Can they face each other and live? Read and find out!

Things Learnt In Darkness
Remus Lupin spends his first New Year's alone after the death of Lily and James.

Lily reflects on life after the death of her mother

The Quiz
Lily's venture into "Witch Weekly" for "curiosity's sake" leads her down a very sweet and steamy path to Memory Lane.

Editor's warning: This story contains adult situations and may not be appropriate for all audiences.


Tested In Fire Universe

Tested In Fire
A prophecy that Harry knows nothing about threatens to ruin his sixth year as he grows closer to Ginny.

Double Trouble
The "Tested In Fire" universe continues in this fic as Harry and Ginny struggle with their new twin boys, Ron and Hermione strive to keep their relationship intact despite the stress of Ron's job, and something mysterious happens to Sirius.

The letters between Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley during Ginny's seventh year. They grow as a couple, and as individuals as they face their fears together. Anna and Remus have a special announcement, and Ron and Hermione make a Very Important Decision. This is a part of the "Tested In Fire" universe.

Just Us Girls
Ginny and Hermione have an eventful day.

Ginny's Surprise
Ginny has something she wants to tell Harry, but circumstances keep getting in the way! Sequel to "Just Us Girls" and part of the "Tested in Fire" world.

Where I Want to Be
Ron and Hermione's first kiss.

And So It Goes
Anna reflects on her relationship with Remus.

A Most Eventful Night
Remus and Anna have a most eventful night.


The Weasley Brothers Series

Waltzing with Bill
Ginny's reflections on her oldest brother.

Dragons from Charlie
Ginny tells us about her relationship with her brother, Charlie.

Thoughts of Ron
Ginny reflects on her nearest sibling on the eve of his wedding.


Random One-shots

While We Can
During HBP, a late-night tryst in the Gryffindor Common Room leads to a rash decision. This fic is for Adults Only

More Whole
Harry and Ginny's love story, from Ginny's point of view.

Moving Forward
Ginny reminds Harry why he needs to move forward. This fic is for Adults Only

A Season for Closure
In a world post-DH that isn't exactly utopian, Harry's working as an Auror and Ginny is back at school. In this two-parter, they deal with the way their relationship is changing and a loose Death Eater. Complete.

Arthur gets to go home early to work and spends the evening with Ginny. Major fluff alert!

Taking Care of Harry
Returning to The Burrow for the summer, Harry finds comfort in the arms of someone... shall we say... unexpected?

Spilled Ink
On a large anniversary, a lot is at stake for both Harry Potter and a young reporter named Ashling Aquafine.

For My Baby
A Mother’s Day story about true love and the bond between mother and child.

Fire and Rain
Remus reflects on the death of Sirius.

Gred and Forge's Complete Guide To Getting You In More Trouble Than Is Absolutely Necessary, Part the First
The summary says it all.

Harry finally comes home.

A Few Demands
Snape's in a surly mood. Hermione cheers him up. This fic is rated NC-17

What Might, in Some Circles, Be Called The Start of Something Beautiful
The beginning of Neville and Hannah's relationship

A Calling
Angst for tosca1390. Harry reflects on his calling.

A series of HP drabbles.

The Problem With Tonks
There is a problem with having Tonks around... This fic is rated NC-17

Blood Magic
At a Grande Ball held in his honor just 3 years after defeating Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter's godson is kidnapped. Harry and Ginny (with the help of Ron and Hermione) must save young Teddy Lupin before he becomes the victim of a terrible magical crime.