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18 November 2008 @ 01:24 am
The Master Fic List -- Doctor Who  

Doctor Who Masterlist

All fics Doctor/Rose unless otherwise specified.

Current Projects
Tenth Doctor
A Spider's Glistening Web.
Follows The Silver Dollar Paradigm and Advent Point in the TARDIS Song universe. The Doctor and Rose, separated by fate despite the Bad Wolf's best efforts, now struggle to find their equilibrium without each other, and save the universe, with the help of their friends. [On Hiatus Until All Support Stacie efforts are complete.]

The Feather and the Mountain
Written to the prompt "Ten, Jack and Rose figure out how to have a relationship together". Just after Children of Earth, Ten, Jack and Rose must heal their individual wounds and come together.

The Book of Improbable Things series, all fics following the first cowritten with plaid_slytherin
1. The (Rather Unfortunate) Disadvantages of Gingerbread Construction (Adult)
The Doctor and Rose get lost in the woods, but forget to lay down a trail of breadcrumbs.

The 237 Reasons to Have Sex (Adult)
1. It Felt Good (Nine/Rose)
2. The Little Black Dress And the Swirly Tie (Ten/Rose)
3. A Roaring Fire and a Good Book (Nine/Rose)
4. To Make A Joyful Noise (Ten/Rose)
5. Compulsion (Ten/Rose)
6. A Life Lived Together (Ten II/Rose)
7. Shakespeare in an Apron (Ten II/Rose)
8. The Rocking Chair (Nine/Rose)
9. Taste (Ten/Rose)

Ninth Doctor
Appropriate Footwear
Black high heels...

Assorted Drabbles
Drabbles for apurplepatch.

The Best Part of Waking Up (Adult)
The Doctor takes a shower and Rose takes advantage.

A Good Reality (Adult; Nine/Jack/Rose)
Straight up OT3 porn.

Hot House Rose (Adult)
...He touches velvet every night, moves deep within her body until he can touch the very center of life in her body, exerts himself until sweat rolls down his body and skin cells, so long numbed to pleasure, begin to vibrate and whisper their vivacity. (For wiggiemomsi.)

Leather and Lace (Adult)
Rose dons a special outfit for the Doctor. (Birthday fic for amberfocus.)

Not Expendable
Jack steps in front of an arrow for Rose, and the TARDIS crew must learn to deal with their growing feelings for each other.

Playing Doctor (Adult)
Rose has a cold... and the Doctor has the perfect remedy. (Written for amberfocus.)

A Silly Little Miscommunication (Nine/Jack/Rose)
Written for the prompt, "Ten/Rose/Jack, 'inappropriate nudity'", from wendymr on behalf of the Shadow Proclamation. You'll notice that the prompt is for Ten, but... Nine really wanted to come out and play on this little trip.

Quiet Moments
The Doctor thinks about her in quiet moments. (Written for amyxaphania.)

Tenth Doctor
The Doctor regains his hope.

Breaking The Queen
jaradel wanted a cracky Queen Bess/Ten story. Um... oops?

The Briefest Moments
The Doctor and Rose meet Sherlock Holmes...

The Clear Picture (Adult)
The discovery of some racy pictures leads to an encounter Rose never could have anticipated.

The Doctor Meets the Internet (Adult)
The Doctor discovers a fansite on which they are discussing his... ahem. Madness ensues! On shinyopals LJ. Because she inspired it.

Echoes in Time
From the prompt "Journey's End in reverse, Rose becomes a Time Lady. I went a slightly different direction, and examined the effects of near-immortality on their relationship over the course of their lives. I hope you enjoy it! For edgeoftheworld.

Faerie Lights in This Lantern Aglow (Ten/Sarah Jane Smith)
azriona requested Ten and Sarah Jane interacting for her Support Stacie Fic. In this story, Ten meets a young Sarah Jane and makes a promise which he ultimately fulfills.

Fast (Adult)
The Doctor and Rose have a quick shag in the closet. (Written for momdaegmorgan.)

Forever Mine (Adult)
The way it should have been. ladychi writes a reunion fic. AU post-Season Four.

Frozen War (Five parts)
The Doctor and Rose land on Mars, but things there aren't exactly... right.

Hallway Voyeur
This is not smut. It's porn. Don't say I didn't warn you.

He Is (Adult)
He is... watching her draw breath.

Hopeless Cause
He is changing.

The Human Foible of Chewing Gum
The Doctor finds a piece of chewing gum on the jumpseat... (Written for wild_sibyl.)

I Will Not Fuck the Teacher (Adult)
Rose and the Doctor indulge in a little bit of role-playing.

If I Want (Adult, Ten/Jack/Rose)
Rose encounters alien pollen that causes an intense reaction in her. Straight-up porn. (Written for wendymr.)

Immortality in Mind (Ten/Jack/Rose)
A reunited OT3 deals with the events of Children of Earth. Not nearly as heavy as what I was originally anticipating. Prompted by plaid_slytherin for a drabble night that turned into "Oh my gosh, this is LONG!". The prompt, by the way, was "movie".

In Aching Gold Sunlight
She thinks of him in sand. On beaches where they said good-bye, and the cold of the world seeps through to her bones but he can't feel it because he's standing on another plane...

Last Autumn
The Doctor and Rose inadvertently brighten a child's day.

Mary Poppins is a Time Lord
The Doctor and Rose discuss Mary Poppins...

A Moment in Time
Father Christmas gives the Doctor a gift early for Christmas this year.

A New Development
The Doctor ends up with a new physical feature. Silliness ensues.

Night Fever
Rose and the Doctor go to the opening of Studio 54 on a pretty significant date. For 4ensicbones.

On Purpose
Rose is sure the Doctor is doing it on purpose. (Written for papilio_luna.)

On Sanctuary Base Six
Written for papilio_luna for the Support Stacie auction. She requested Season Two-style will-they-won't-they UST.

On the Winds

Perfect Afternoon
The Doctor and Rose cuddle and are generally cute. (Written for amyxaphania.)

Pirate World (Ten/Jack/Rose)
Pirate Day crack for gowdie.

On a cold October evening, the Doctor and Rose spend some time in an abandoned playground and discuss life, the universe and everything.

Savor (Adult)
Just a little drabble about oral sex.

Setting Cultural Norms
Rose's Aunt Flo has come to visit and the Doctor sticks his foot in his mouth. Pure crack, for editrx

Ten's oral fixation causes a distraction so severe the Doctor and Rose miss their Roman holiday in favor of something a little more... pornographic.

A Smile in the Darkness
In darkness, Rose and the Doctor can talk about the difficult things about the life they lead.

Some Sketches From a Notepad (Authorial Doodles on the Basic Laws of Physics)
The Doctor and Rose, as basic as the way the universe works.

String Theory
Shippy science is the best kind of science. The Doctor explains string theory.

The Sun for All The Rain (Adult)
A spring afternoon with the Doctor and Rose

The Doctor borrows one of Rose's Harlequin romances and makes a discovery.


The TARDIS Song 'Verse
The Silver Dollar Paradigm (Twelve parts)
The Doctor and Rose tackle a vengeful ghost, temporal shifts, and an adventure that will test their relationship. AU after Doomsday.

Interlude in A Minor
Rose and the Doctor take a moment between adventures. Mostly sweet.

Advent Point
The Doctor has promised Rose he'll take her to a supernova to contact her mother, but things go a bit wonky...


The Tenth Doctor Owner's Manual
Some instructions for you and your new DOCTOR model to live in peace and harmony...

These Feet Remember
"There'll be dancing, if that changes your mind at all..."

This Is (Adult)
This is about sensation...
**Runner-up, Ficlet Category, Round 3 Children of Time Awards**

Three Profound Moments: Sex, Love and Time Lords
Borrowing characters, plot and... a bunch of other stuff from azriona's Crossroads universe, this is a story of three profound moments in Dex's life: all about love, sex, and Time Lords.

Transcendental Moonlight (There's Something New Here); The Soapbark Remix
Written for chips_remixed. Right after Tooth and Claw, Rose and the Doctor figure some things out. Some of the dialogue is directly from the original fic. Some of it is not.

An Untouched Afternoon(Adult) (Ten/Rose/Jack)
PS requested that for her set-price, 1000 word fic, I write Ten/Rose/Jack and smut with the prompt "wishing well". I had a grand old time with this one!

A Very Short Tale (In Which the Doctor Changes the World Without Really Trying)
With more than a glancing nod at a literary icon, JK Rowling, this is a short story, in which the Doctor changes the world, without really trying. Written originally for writerinatardis.

Writer's Block (Adult)
It's not that he can't find the words... (A companion piece to fid_gin's Out of Touch.)

Duplicate Tenth Doctor
A Brilliant Adventure (Adult; 3 parts)
The Doctor and Rose embark on a brilliant adventure.

Conversations Not Out Loud
Sometimes the Doctor & Rose don't need words to communicate.

Eighty-Five Things the Doctor Learned About Being Human
A list fic... pretty self-explanatory **CHILDREN OF TIME AWARDS, ROUND 2 WINNER**

The Faintest Hint of a Lemon Drop
The first time the Doctor kisses Rose...

He Thinks She's Beautiful
He always thinks she's beautiful...

His Hands Are A Waltz
Rose and the Doctor celebrate their first anniversary by doing a little dancing in the kitchen.

The Meaning of Forever (Adult)
What does it mean when you say forever? An entry for the second round of writerinatardis

Playing Dress-Up (Adult)
Rose arranges a surprise for the Doctor after he's been gone for a week. Light bondage, tie!porn.

A Puzzling Inconvenience (Adult)
The Doctor has sustained an injury that, ahem... knocks him out of commission. Rose finds a way to get what she wants, anyway.

These Are The Moments Of Banked Desire
She fixes a cup of tea -- another one of her oddities -- a proclivity for tea after sex -- but he's come to appreciate the taste of tannin on her tongue after lovemaking, can no longer separate its trademark warmth from the taste of her mouth.

Waiting On Exodus
A year into their relationship, the Doctor and Rose make a change.

Multi-Doctor/Other Ships
Evolution of Rose
A story, in six parts, about how sexuality develops.Rose/Jimmy Stone, Rose/Mickey Smith, Rose/Jack Harkness, Rose/Nine, Rose/Ten, Rose/Ten II
Imagination and Intimacy
Realizations and Resolutions
A Life Unimagined; A Life Fantastic

Happened Like This
There were a lot of ways the Doctor and Rose could have had sex for the first time. This explores that concept.

Twenty-Five Things Rose Tyler Learned About Moving On
Companion piece to 85-Things.

Until the Stars Die
Eleven tells River a bedtime story about the man he was before. Winnie-the-Pooh AU, blatantly ripped from A.A. Milne's wonderful style.

War Paint
Written for the 2.04 writerinatardis challenge, "make-up". This is the story of ice blue eyeshadow.

White Dress Under Bar Lights
4ensicbones bid on one of my 1000-word set price fics and requested a fic inspired by the song "Sometime Around Midnight" by Airborne Toxic Event

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?
It's not Rose. Was Never Rose.

Ten/Ten II/Rose
To the Waters and the Wild, collab with the_tenzo (Adult)
Rose and her two Doctors try to make the new configuration of Team TARDIS work after Journeys End. Meanwhile, an old foe has other plans for them entirely. (Written for unfolded73 and fid_gin for their birthdays.)

Ten/Ten II
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
It's not going to work...

As She Ever Was
Oh, Theta... Don't you remember? She looked into my soul, and I looked into hers...

Hands Through My Hair Like Silk (The Cherry Lipgloss Incident) (Adult)
During Turn Left, Rose and Donna share some lip gloss, a kiss, a moment, and a love for a single man that resonates throughout time.

Taste. Shift. (Adult)
Rose and Donna comfort each other during the events of "Turn Left".

Jack Harkness

A Boy From Boeshane
He was in songs, stories, legends... but they all began like this: Once there was a boy from Boeshane.

Inappropriate Poetry
Donna takes off her bra and Jack can't resist. I wish it were more complicated than that... Really. It's just porn.

A Plan Revised
Ianto tries to play a practical joke...

The Worst Coffee Known to Man
This is the story of Jack's addiction to bad coffee. Angst alert.

A View From Above the Deep Black Pit (Adult)
From the universe that To the Waters and the Wild is based in -- just a little montage of moments from Lucy Saxon's time alone, without the Master. (You are going to need to read that story in order to understand this one.)
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NP-Completenp_complete on March 28th, 2009 11:46 pm (UTC)
The link for "Brilliant Adventure" seems to be broken. :(

Edited at 2009-03-28 11:47 pm (UTC)
Chi: cepia doctorladychi on March 29th, 2009 02:57 am (UTC)
I fixed the link! Thanks for letting me know and happy reading!
NP-Completenp_complete on September 16th, 2009 03:24 am (UTC)
I seem to remember that you wrote a fantastic Jack/Donna fic, but I don't see it here. Am I remembering wrong?
Chiladychi on September 16th, 2009 03:28 am (UTC)
Ack! It's not on here. It's called Inappropriate Poetry. I'll have to update this tomorrow. I have been very remiss!