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The Briefest Moments

Title: The Briefest Moments
Pairing: Doctor/Rose, Sherlock Holmes/Irene Adler (am I showing my geek? Oh yes. Yes I am)
Rating: All Ages
Dedication: For sheerpoetry, who requested Ten and something brilliant. Well. Ten I can do. Brilliance is a bit beyond me. As usual, this comes from me having a miserable long-term memory. Can you stump me? Find out here!

"Excuse me, very busy, if you don't mind getting out of my way," a man in a calf-length brown coat and a distinctive deerstalker brushed past the Doctor and Rose as they bent over a spot on the ground, investigating its contents. Suddenly, the man stopped and turned. "Actually, you seem to be a sharp-eyed fellow. Would you have happened to see a lady dressed as a man pass by here?"

"How long ago?" the Doctor asked absently, scoping up some of the green liquid and placing it in a vial, handing it to Rose. "Lots more women dressed as men than you'd think, although there is a marked tendency towards the reverse."

The man paused, his mouth working for a moment. "I am not often surprised. Can you give me your name, sir?"

"As a point of fact, no," the Doctor said, and rose to his feet, grinning. "But you can call me the Doctor. And this is Rose Tyler."

"Hello," she said, wagging her fingers.

"There have been many times in my life where I could also not give my name," the man said, "so I will ask no further, except to say that a very good friend of mine also practices your profession. I find doctors to be... a refreshing sort of perspective on life."

Rose laughed. "Oh, you have no idea."

"You're from London." The man said, whirling to look her directly in the face, "but not from this area. Far from home? Is this your chaperone? Father?"

"Friend," Rose said evenly.

"Ah," the man said. "In any case, I return to the original question. The time frame would have been no more than 12 minutes, perhaps ten."

"A lady, dressed as a man?" The Doctor nodded. "Oh yes, we both noticed her. I think you'll find, Mr. Holmes, that Ms. Adler went east."

"I..." Sherlock's mouth opened and closed again. "Thank you. I find myself quite... off-center with this whole debacle. I was not aware it was public knowledge."

"It's not. You remain as sharp as ever." The Doctor grinned. "I have a distinct advantage."

"Yes... well, of course."

"If it helps any, I sympathize. Women are -- " the Doctor shrugged eloquently. "Best hurry, though. You'll miss her, at this rate."

Sherlock nodded. "Good day, Doctor."

As he walked off, the Doctor mumbled under his breath, "Well, for me."

"Irene Adler? Didn't she scam him and run off with her Belgian or something?" Rose asked under her breath.

"Yeah," the Doctor said, and turned his attention to the green goop, but not before he focused his eyes briefly on her. "Sometimes even the briefest moments, Rose... they mean the most. He got to love her for days. Just a moment, really. In the span of their lives."

Rose squeezed his hand, and in her understanding way, said nothing.
Tags: ficlet, stump the author
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