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20 April 2013 @ 07:51 pm
Just leaving these here... Little scraps and bits of this and that. Projects that are currently "abandoned" or "on hold". Thought you all might enjoy them!

The Automaton's Apprentice -- Supposed to be sort of a steampunk adventure, about a little girl who is rescued from a fire by a automaton, and grows up to defend him (and their eventual love) from others who would deem it "wrong"... While being a master Automater herself. Feminist and social commentary and blah blah blah. I think big ambitions killed this project before it got off the ground.

The Automaton's ApprenticeCollapse )


The Train to Nowhere -- An Elliot and Delilah piece about a train that takes them to a place where there is a lake of fresh water that hasn't dried up, in the middle of the Drought of the Centuries. Elliot, as previously revealed, is a Rainmaker, but can only bring about rain at a terrible (human) price. The beginning of the piece clips along but then sputtered and died out somewhere along the way -- possibly because Story Cannot Survive on Clever Dialogue Alone.

The Train to NowhereCollapse )


Slow Bleed-- Sequel to I Ain't Afraid of Emily May. We left our hero, Nate, fatally wounded, as you might recall. He survived, much to his chagrin, but the wound given to him by the ghost blade refuses to heal. This makes him a little crabby. And he wasn't a charmer before. Where did this story go wrong? Hm, unsure. I think perhaps some of the weaknesses of the Emily May verse may need to be worked out before this one "clicks".

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