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Title: somewhere i have never traveled, gladly beyond...
Author: Me, ladychi
Rated: Teen for profanity and brief mentions of sexy behavior.
Fandom and pairing: New Girl, Nick/Jess
Summary: Nick and Jessica take a roadtrip. Daytime Nick and Nighttime Nick fight for who has control.

A post Season-Two finale fic.

The author takes limited responsibility for the amount of profanity in this story. The characters in my head are all potty-mouthed. And sexually active.

“No. I think we should do this. I think we should have kinky sex at a cheap motel. I think we should go buy clothes at the thrift shop tomorrow, put a full tank of gas in the station wagon and see where the road takes us. I think we should just... be, for a little bit, Nick. Don’t you?” She looks at him from underneath her lashes, the way she does sometimes, and it just about kills him.
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