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Fic: Nobody Else Gave Me a Thrill (It Had To Be You)

Title: Nobody Else Gave Me a Thrill (It Had To Be You)
Series: Part One of The Soundtrack to Our Lives is an Old Jazz Record
Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers
Author: ladychi
Rating: Teen
Summary: The one where: Darcy gets a big girl job, goes shopping, charms Steve Rogers and gets to ride THE bike.

“Darcy Lewis’s phone. Darcy Lewis speaking.”

“What’s the hesitation, Lewis?”


Sometimes life was one surreal shitstorm after another.

“What’s the hold up? Potts says you needed to think it over. Most people jump at an opportunity like this.”

“Do these people know you?”

“It’ll be fun! You’ll come, hang out with me and Banner in the labs, get us coffee when we need it, run interference for me... and you know, pretty much the rest of the time will be your own.”

“So build a robot. Jesus.”

“I need a person.” Tony’s voice was quiet. “I need someone who’s not afraid of me. I need someone who will draw a hard line. I need someone who has balls of steel. I need someone who has literally tazered a God. That’s in the qualifications section of the job description now.”

“You could have anyone.”

“I could. But I want you. Stop fucking around, Lewis. Take the job.”

Read it at AO3.
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