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30 July 2012 @ 11:06 pm
Hello, my Bones BBs.

Have you ever wished I'd just finish Scarecrow already?

No promises. But I wrote 1000 words of it tonight. You could have a chapter after the Big Wedding this weekend.
Title: The Pasadena Psychopath Paradigm 2/? (Criminal Minds/The Big Bang Theory)
Author: ladychi
Pairings: Penny/Sheldon, Prentiss/Reid
Summary: Penny is the latest victim in a series of abduction-murders. Luckily, Sheldon's been looking out for her and calls in an old friend for help.
Warnings: Not a fluffy story. Rape is mentioned but not pictured in this chapter or the chapter previous to it.

Previous Chapters: One

...when it came to Penny he’d do things he would never do for anyone else: drive illegally, share his spot… Ask for help.Collapse )
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Title: The Pasadena Psychopath Paradigm
Author: ladychi
Universes: Criminal Minds/The Big Bang Theory
Pairings (may not be that relevant, just implied): Prentiss/Reid, Sheldon/Penny
Summary: Penny goes missing, and Sheldon calls an old friend for help.

Author's Note: This is an experiment.... We'll see how it goes. This story completely ignores Amy Farrah Fowler because I don't want to unravel that mess...

Read more...Collapse )
09 July 2012 @ 11:11 pm
Don't you just hate when you can't finish a
and every thing you write sucks is lame is totally bogus [fill in descriptor here]
and the beginning of what you write doesn't have much to do with the end. Sausages with mustard.

But the drive is still there.
Gotta finish, gotta finish, gotta get done.

Still, roadwork ahead.
Delete, delete, delete.
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I’ve reached the worst part of a novel for me. Some authors bemoan endings. “It’s so hard to wrap everything up!” Some authors agonize over beginnings. “I’ve got so many choices! How do I start?” Not me. No… I hate middles. And not the middle part that’s rushing down to the rapids of the ending. Not the middle which is truly middle, where the plot is thick and the dialogue pops right along. No. I detest the beginning-middle. Because there are so many decisions to make, you see. What happens in the beginning sets the course for everything that happens down the road, and your energy flags, and you find yourself wondering why you put yourself through the drudgery of novel-writing.

One of my favorite scenes from the movie “Keeping the Faith” (which I watch semi-annually) involves Ben Stiller coaching a young boy through his bar mitzvah. He must memorize and sing a portion of the Torah in front of family and friends at the age of thirteen – an age when his voice cracks and his face is covered in pimples. The young man breaks into tears, wondering why God would require him to do something this hard and this humiliating at this juncture of his life. Ben Stiller’s character, a younger generation of Reform rabbi, tells the boy that he has to embrace sucking… because at this point in his life, he’s supposed to suck. He hasn’t been alive long! He’s going through some really intense changes, and everybody around him wants to take a moment and celebrate that.

I’ve reached that point with my story, really. I’m at that point in a first draft where the story is in its adolescence. It was conceived and developed in a flurry of excitement – I was enthusiastic about it in the beginning and couldn’t wait to start each day, but now I come to the manuscript knowing that what I’m writing now sucks.

I know from long experience that this is okay – it sucks, primarily, because I haven’t yet made every decision I’m going to make about character and plot (I have a few ideas and a general outline which exists in my head but I can’t over-diagram or I lose the excitement too early and give up), and so my indecision clouds my word choice, and characters act in ways they wouldn’t act later on in the creative process. Like adolescence, at this stage of development, my novel isn’t particularly supposed to be good. I’m supposed to make mistakes, my voice is supposed to “crack” – all because the novel hasn’t really grown up yet. It doesn’t know what it wants to be, and I don’t know that, either.

Later on, I can go back and patch the cracks, smooth over the rough spots, and help characters find their way back to themselves. It’s just that now, in this moment, I have to give myself permission to suck. I have to give myself permission to be less-than-great. I have to remind myself that multiple drafts aren’t the sign of a younger author: they’re the sign of an author who’s matured enough to know that the first go around isn’t always the best.

So if you’re stuck because you’re viewing your work through less-than-rose colored glasses, do what I (attempt to) do: give yourself a free pass on sucking for today. There’s good stuff buried underneath all of the word choice you’ll regret, or the syntax that’s cluttered, or the characterization that’s muddled. You may just not find it today.
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26 June 2012 @ 08:38 pm
(a very short poem)

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall? Who’s the most self-deprecating author of them all?
You know this pointless self-hatred wins you no points with readers or friends
Snap out of it.
02 June 2012 @ 08:33 pm
Prompt away, folks. It's open mic night at Chez Chi, so give me:

A fandom
A pairing
A prompt

(I'm curious to try my hand at Penny/Sheldon, I'm comfortable with: Booth/Brennan, Tony/Ziva, Kenshin/Kaoru and Harry/Ginny)

EDIT: And Doctor/Rose. How could I forget my OTP?? Jeez.

25 May 2012 @ 12:04 am
Sorry to angst it up in here again. But this is how I feel tonight.

It's a Little Lonely

It's a little lonely in this empty room
This empty room with just the chair and I

It's a little lonely in this crowded bar
This crowded bar with no room to move.

It's a little lonely in this great big bed
This great big bed with no one to hold me

It's a little lonely at this party
This party where everyone thinks they know me

It's a little lonely in this life that I'm living
This life that I'm living that seems not much a life

It's a little lonely
But they tell me lonely is better than dead.
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13 May 2012 @ 05:21 pm
Happy Mothers Day, Moms on Ye Olde Flist! I'm thinking especially of those of you for whom this will be your first Mother's Day ever as an actual Mom. Blessings and restful days to all of you. azriona, I am thinking of you also, because I spend all day with boys just a little bit older than yours, and... you could use blessings and a restful day, too!

Stuff under here about writing and blah blah blah, does anyone actually read this stuff?Collapse )
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